Model MW-CTR-MONO-8A-01
Rated voltage
12Vdc +/- 5%
24Vdc +/- 5%
Power consumption in static state 1W
Power connection Spring connector, tightening
The type of output voltage PWM
Output voltage 0-12V


Number of channels 1
Load capacity of the channel 8A
Channel output power max. 96W (for work at 12Vdc) 192W (for work at 24Vdc
Transmission type Radio waves (RF)
Transmitter Remote control with 3 buttons
Range 70m in open space

25m in a closed space

Working temperature -20oC ÷ 40oC
Net weight 110g
Gross weight 130g
Dimensions of the controller

L x W x H

115 x 56 x 34mm
Size of the package

L x W x H

120 x 84 x 45 mm
Warranty 24 month

* depending on the input voltage

** Encryption key counteracts mutual interference of controllers that are close to each other

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